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To Dine

All ingredients and seasonings in our meals are grown in the local environment.

Please enjoy a rich and nutritious taste that you can only find in Asuke.


You can choose from 2 types of breakfast, depending on the size of breakfast you want.

You can start your day with a “Plate Morning”, which can fill you up with a huge portion of nutritious food. Or you can have a “Go Go Morning”, in which you can have a smaller portion of our food from Asuke, and leave some space in your stomach for later. You may decide depending on your plan for the day!


Plate Morning

¥1,500 (with tax)

※Plate Mornings must be ordered a day prior.

A breakfast plate with plenty of delicious food from Asuke and nearby locations; salad of vegetables grown from Asuke and other areas nearby, sauté made with chicken from Asuke’s popular Kashiwa restaurant “Hananoki”, sausage made from venison hunted in the wild near Asuke. You may choose between a set of bread and seasonal soup, or rice and miso soup. We paired with coffee from KAGOYA COFFEE in Nishio city, Aichi. They have carefully roasted organic coffee beans from Bolivia. It has a refreshing and smooth flavor with low acidity. 

If you’d like to start your day with a happy appetite, this is for you! 

230909_asuke1420 1_s.jpg

Go Go Morning

¥550 (with tax)

A very simple Japanese set of rice, raw egg on rice, and miso soup. 

Simple, but well balanced in nutritions. We use Araucana eggs, which are also called “Easter eggs”.

(Raw eggs are very safe and delicious in Japan. They are one of the traditional dishes.) The miso we use is made of malted rice in malted soybeans. They are made with care at Kobatoya, so the flavor can change every year.

Go Go Morning is a plate for you, if you wish to have a light morning meal and set off to the village.

For those who cannot eat raw eggs, a bread menu is also available.


※ For those who will join tofu-making sessions.

We will prepare a special cooking session for those who booked for tofu-making sessions. With your tofu made from the sessions, and the “okara” (soy pulp) made during the process of tofu-making, you will learn and cook healthy dinner together.


Postal code: 444-2424

34 Shinmachi, Asukecho, Toyota city, Aichi, Japan

Tel: 050-1808-0746

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