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Where there’s a taste of village through your stay

During the Edo period in Japan, travelers would stop by to rest at inns in posting villages.

These villages were called Shukubacho.

Kobatoya is located in one of these historical and traditional Shukubacho.

Today, Kobatoya is an inn where you can experience a shared time with a warm-hearted owner and local residents. 

At a place where it was once a resting point for travelers, you will have a stay with us, like becoming our villagers. 

The atmosphere of traditional and elegant Shukubacho, 

The time that flows as you devour them all,

And making memories with new friends…

We hope you will have a wonderful stay at Kobatoya.

About Kobatoya

Asukecho, a Shukubacho (posting villages) that bridges Mikawa and Shinshu from Edo period, is also recognized as a “road to carry salt”.

Kobatoya is located inside a beautiful village scape of Aichi prefecture’s first traditional architecture preservation district. 

Originally a restaurant loved by the villagers, it is now renovated into an inn with modern design and materials or techniques from Asuke. 

Why don’t you come and join us to explore Asuke’s history and present?


To Stay

In an atmosphere that merges Asuke’s history and present, have a taste of our history, and take a moment to relax.


To Dine

Savor a lavishing morning filled with local bounty.

To Experience

Having a deeper taste of Asuke, and creating experiences that become our memories.

Tofu-making experience in which you taste from body and soul.

Experience real craftsmanship, and feel the tradition.


With a traditional method of making indigo-dyed cloth, create your very own Aizome socks in the world.


Face yourself in silence, and calm your mind.



Map & ​Access


Postal code: 444-2424

34 Shinmachi, Asukecho, Toyota city, Aichi, Japan

Tel: 050-1808-0746

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